Everyone knows the crazy times we are living in right now. Shuls closed, people stuck alone, and children at home with nothing to do. Boredom is not a start for anything productive. People need someone to talk to, to work with, to learn with, in order to keep basic sanity. This is true for all people, and even more so for children.

Shutting down schools will keep children bored at home, their productivity most likely being minimal. Their Torah learning for sure will not be as much as a normal day. The Rebbe would always tell us that when there is an עת צרה instead of diminishing learning we should increase in it. At these time when the world needs the learning of Torah more than ever, the learning is slowing down. The need for Torah learning is crucial for the world. Especially when it comes to the Torah of Jewish children, as our Chachamim say: "the world stands on the הבל of  תינוקות של בית רבן.”

The program

There Is a group of dedicated Bochurim who have agreed to give from their time to learn and talk with children from around the world. This project is called PROJECT CONNECT, the idea being that all children should have a bochur to connect to, become friends with, learn with, and stay in touch with. It is so necessary for our children today to have someone outside of their home to socialize and learn with.

This is ENTIRELY FREE, and will allow for all children to grow as proper chassidim. Just fill out the form, and your child will be matched up with a bochur to learn with ONCE A WEEK.  Once a week for these few weeks until schools will resume your son will have a new friend to learn and speak with. There is no official curriculum, your son can choose to learn whatever he wants, but for those that are interested on our website we have tools and resources. To sign up your child go to the home page and click the link that says




If you are a bochur who has not yet signed up, please join ASAP. Also if you have friends that are likely to join but either have not got around to it yet or don't know about this program please reach out to them, every bochur can make a world of a difference. As the Rebbe's תמימים we know how much the Rebbe demands from us. How much more so in these distressing times.

You have no idea how much one phone call can affect a child that is out of school, how much a friendly word can change the day of a child that cannot be with his freinds.

Therefore we are calling all bochurim to join project connect. Go to the home page and click the link that says,



May we merit to finally bring the healing to all sickness with the revelation of Moshiach right now!